Premium Inflatable Travel Pillows

More comfort - More assurance - More choice! Bad sleeps can detract from travel pleasure. Dragging your own pillow is getting harder and more expensive. The Pillowpacker® Pillow is the answer! These extraordinary Canadian-made inflatable travel pillows are light-weight, versatile, fully washable and very comfortable. Choose a down or microfibre pillow that is right for you! Still doing comparison shopping? Look here first.

    More About Our Pillows

    More About Our Down

    Using Your Pillow

    Caring For Your Pillow

    More About Our Pillows

    The Pillowpacker® Pillow’s special design and quality components ensure you will have a better sleep when you are travelling. Although the pillow weighs less than a pound/ 450 grams, and is approximately half the size of a bedroom pillow (19X14 inches/ 48X36 cm), it performs like a full-sized pillow. The secret is the contoured inner pillow made of strong polyurethane film, which can be inflated with a few puffs to suit the sleeper’s preferences.  When ready to pack, it deflates quickly. It compresses to the size of a rolled hand towel and can be either backed flat in your suitcase or rolled in its own stuff sack. IT’S SO PACKABLE – YOU WON’T WANT TO LEAVE HOME WITH OUT IT!

    More About Our Down

    Down is the undercoating of waterfowl consisting of thousands of spherical plumules of soft fibres radiating in all directions from a central quill point, which traps air to maintain body heat while being light in weight. Because down is naturally very fluffy and light and has the marvellous ability to breath and “wick away” body moisture, it has been used for centuries in making clothing and bedding.

    Every ounce of quality down has about 2 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap, creating a three-dimensional structure that traps air that makes down so desirable. The ability of these filaments to trap air is called “loft.” Down continually re-lofts and moulds itself to the body without clumping. Because of its resilience, you can scrunch it up or flatten it out and it will still bounce back to its original shape in order to maintain its properties.

    Goose down has larger yet lighter plumules than duck down so is considered superior as it traps more air for less material. The size of the bird and the climate in which it lives, determines the size of its down cluster. The colder the climate, the larger the down cluster required to keep the bird warm--birds in Canada need larger down clusters to stay warm.

    The down used in making Pillowpacker® Pillows is among the best you can get and we are very happy to offer it in our products. All our down is produced by Feather Industries, the largest processor of feathers and down in Canada, and exceeds all Canadian and International cleanliness standards.

    Down from Feather Industries is a by-product of the waterfowl meat industry. Feather Industries only buys feathers and down from farmers who follow their policies regarding the ethical treatment of animals, which include but are not limited to, no force feeding and whenever possible, free range fed ,and absolutely no live plucking. No waterfowl are ever raised solely for the harvest of their down. Using down from livestock provides farmers with an additional source of income and reduces waste. Feather Industries buy feathers and down from the Canadian Hutterites and Brome Lake Duck, the two sources of down in our down pillows.

    Feather Industries uses eco-friendly processes to wash, clean and sanitize the down to the highest international standards. The by-products and cleaning agents are 100% biodegradable. The end result is a product with a much lower carbon footprint than synthetic alternatives. The adherence to these strict standards and the vigilance to ensure that these ethical policies are practiced by all partners continue to make Canadian Feather Industries one of the most respected companies in the industry.

    Using Your Pillow

    The Pillowpacker® Pillow is easy to inflate and adjust using the twist valve, accessible by way of a zipper opening in the outer pillow. To inflate, turn the valve counter-clockwise to ensure it is open and blow into the pillow. It does not need to be firm. Turn the value clockwise to seal. We advise you text the firmness at home before you travel.

    You can adjust the pillow pressure to get a feel just right for you. To pack, simply open the zipper and turn the value counter-clockwise to allow the air to escape. Gently apply pressure to deflate and either place flat in your luggage or roll and place in its stuff sack. There is no need to disassemble the pillow set when packing.

    Watch the video for assembly and use instructions.

    Caring for Your Pillow

    With proper care, your Pillowpacker®  Pillow can last for years of travelling. The outer pillow should be aired and fluffed occasionally and laundered when needed.

    Do not use your Pillowpacker® Pillow without a pillowcase. In fact, you may want to use one pillowcase as a pillow protector and one as an outer pillowcase. Purchase extra pillowcases.

    Wash the 100% cotton pillowcases often with like colours in the regular wash. How often you will have to wash your pillow depends on usage. However, once a year is recommended. Remove the inner pillow – it can be wiped with water and a mild soap as needed.

    To wash the down or down alternative outer pillow, use a low-sudsing liquid detergent in a warm water wash. Rinse twice in cold water to remove any detergent residue. After spin-drying, dry at medium to high heat in your household dryer. This may require two or more drying cycles until completely dried. The pillow must be completely dry before packing or storing away. You will be amazed how your pillow will spring back to life.