Replacement Polyurethane Inflatable Travel Pillow Insert

Polyurethane Inflatable Travel Pillow Insert

This is the heart of every Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow: Our custom-designed inflatable insert with contoured support is what makes our travel pillow the best you can buy.

One inflatable pillow insert is included with the purchase of all our down or microfibre travel pillows.

This inflatable pillow insert features:

  • Contoured design for neck and head support
  • Adjustable inflation level for your perfect level of firmness or yield
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • Included with purchase of our down and microfibre travel pillows
  • Easy-to-wash with warm water and mild soap
  • Only available online

Your Pillowpacker® travel pillow comes with an inflatable insert that has been rigorously stress-tested for manufacturer defects to minimize any chance of air loss problems. They are guaranteed for two years of normal use so you only need to purchase a replacement inflatable pillow insert if yours is damaged and older than two years.

If you’re having issues with your polyurethane inflatable insert and it’s less than two years old, please contact us.

(All prices in Canadian dollars)