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Pillowpacker Pillows have been featured in: Chicago Tribune and syndicated papers, LA Times, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, CTV, Johnny Jet, Rogers Television, among others. Find press articles  on the "In the News" page. 

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The Pillowpacker® Pillow Story

Pillowpacker Pillows was founded by Garry Logue and Beth Shepherd, travellers who liked to travel with their own down pillows in tow wherever they went. On a trip to the High Arctic in 2008 the couple had to leave their comfy pillows behind because of the reduced weight allowance and the need to take warm clothing for their High Arctic kayaking adventure. Before the trip Beth searched on line for an “inflatable down pillow” but failed to find any such product. Nevertheless they headed off without a worry -- after all, how bad could the pillows be? The trip was incredible but the pillows on board were worse than could be imagined – one per bunk, flat as a proverbial pancake and who knows how long since the last cleaning. On board, fellow passengers agreed that an inflatable fluffy pillow would be something they would all welcome.

Neither Garry nor Beth had any experience in anything like product development, marketing or e-commerce. But they asked, how hard could it be? On returning home Beth designed a number of prototypes and Garry set about sourcing and setting up the Pillowpacker online store with the pillows manufactured in Ottawa where they live. The prototype pillows were tested for comfort and durability and after many iterations of the product and so many lessons learned, Beth and Garry proudly launched Pillowpacker Pillows in May 2010.

Now in business six years, the couple have sold over a thousand pillows to over 800 customers in Canada, the United States and even a few in England, Australia, New Zealand, France and South Africa. Many are repeat customers, buying pillows for other family members and friends. Pillowpacker® Pillow users range in age from kids to senior citizens and include business travellers, vacationers, campers, boaters, pain sufferers and even military personnel. A significant number of customers love their Pillowpacker® Pillow so much, it has become their home pillow.

Garry, who refers to himself as the Chief Pillow Officer, does the customer support and “boiler room” work while Beth performs the creative and testing aspects. The couple admits their marketing strategy has been rather like the field of dreams. They have developed what they and many of their customers believe is the best travel pillow ever but they know they have to get the word out to grow their business. Beth says, “ I am sure there are at least a million people out there who are looking for just this pillow as I was in 2008. We just need to reach them.” To this end, the couple is undertaking a social media campaign, which will entail a whole new set of lessons to be learned.

About the Product – The Pillowpacker® Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your health and well-being and is vital for getting the most out of your travel experience, be it for business or pleasure. When travelling it can be difficult to control the many factors that influence how well you sleep – comfort of the bedding, temperature, noise and disruption of bedtime routines. With so many factors you can’t control, why take a chance with your pillow? The Pillowpacker® Pillow is an inflatable travel pillow that provides the comfort of your home pillow(s) in a light and packable form. They are extremely comfortable and customizable to the individual’s sleeping preferences. As an added benefit the contoured inner pillow offers neck support missing in most pillows. All our pillows are made in Canada.

The Pillowpacker® Pillow now comes in a choice of three fillings: Ultimate Comfort Hutterite Goose Down, Premium Brome Duck Down and Hypoallergenic Microfibre Down Alternative.

The Ultimate Comfort Hutterite Goose Down Pillow contains the finest quality down from the Hutterite communities is Alberta, Canada. The goose down is humanely harvested from mature geese in Hutterite communities of Alberta, Canada. It is thoroughly cleaned and specially treated, has a loft factor over 700, in a shell of down-proof ticking with double stitching. (A quill will never stick out and "loft" or “fillpower” refers to the measure of how much the down puffs up.) This luxurious pillow is designed for discerning travellers who want the finest product money can buy.

The Premium Brome Duck Down Pillow is an excellent value. From the famous duck farms of Brome Lake, Québec, the duck down is processed and laboratory tested to exceed all Canadian and International cleanliness standards. It has a minimum of 75% down clusters and 600-loft factor in a shell of down-proof ticking. 

For those who are concerned about allergies or prefer microfibre, the Hypoallergenic Microfibre Down Alternative Pillow is the best choice. The microfibre pillow contains Eco2 Suprelle Micro, the latest innovation in microfibre technology that is fluffier, softer and rebounds better than similar products. Designed to simulate the luxurious softness of down, Suprelle is also compliant with stringent European standards for environmental protection and product safety.

 Each pillow “set” consists of four parts: An inner inflatable pillow, an outer down or fibre-filled pillow, a home-style pillowcase (your choice of colours) and a nylon stuff sack.


The inner inflatable pillow is made of polyurethane film with an easy-use twist valve. It has a hollow oval that provides a gently contoured pillow that can be adjusted in firmness simply by breath. The outer pillow contains a minimum of 5 oz. / 150 g of down or down alternative fill. The pillowcase is 100% cotton percale for easy washing and comfort. Extra pillowcases in a variety of fashion colours and white are available for purchase. Pillowpacker® Pillows are light and compressible, rolling up to fit in its own tough, durable nylon stuff sack.

Pillowpacker® Pillows are easy to Inflate, deflate and adjust using the twist valve, accessible by way of a zipper opening in the outer fibre-filled pillow. To pack, simply open the zipper and turn the value counter-clockwise to allow the air to escape. The pillowcases are washable with regular laundry. The outer pillows are washable and with proper care, will last for many years of travelling.

The Pillowpacker People

Garry Logue is Chief Pillow Office and co-founder of Pillowpacker Pillows. He was a seasoned executive in the telecommunication industry and was involved in startups and consulting before launching Pillowpackers. Garry’s can-do attitude and his customer-focused approach to business have contributed greatly to their thriving web-based business.

 Beth Shepherd is designer, tester and co-founder of Pillowpacker Pillows. After a consulting career in business and technology, she splits her time between Pillowpackers and her art practice. Beth loves her job, which involves “testing” her Pillowpacker Pillows every night.

Non-Profit and Volunteer Involvement

Garry and Beth support Plan Canada’s “Gifts of Hope” that bring better living conditions to women, children and families in poorer countries. In addition, they contribute to the proper treatment of farm animals through support of a number of animal advocacy groups.

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