Pillowpacker® Pillowcases

Each Pillowpacker® Pillow comes with one pillowcase specially designed to fit our pillows. Our deluxe percale pillowcases provide you with a crisp yet soft feel that only improves over time. They are 100% cotton, 220 thread count, woven in Israel and manufactured here in Canada to our specifications. Our pillowcases come in a variety of smart colors: Marine, Brick Red, Greywood, Grey Stripe, Navy Stripe, Sunshine, Lake Blue and Organic Ecru.

The Organic Ecru pillowcases are 100% organic cotton, 200 thread count and woven in Israel. The fabric is GOTS certified, which means 100% organic from seed and soil right through its processing and finishing. The Organic Ecru pillowcase provides an eco-friendly option with a soft luxurious feel.

We recommend you consider buying one or more extra pillowcases, as you would for your home pillows. A white pillowcase can serve as a pillow protector keeping your pillow fresher longer, and additional ones to facilitate laundering. 

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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