Luxury White Down Blend Inflatable Travel Pillow

Want a little more loft and insulation than our Premium Brome Duck Down Travel Pillow without paying full price? Our Luxury White Down Blend is just what you need.

The Pillowpacker® Luxury White Down Blend Travel Pillow features:

  • 100% Canadian goose and duck down
  • Minimum of 25% goose down (max. 75% duck down)
  • Down-proof, 100% cotton exterior with 260 thread count
  • 19" X 14" (48 X 36cm), a perfect balance of packability and practical size
  • 5 oz. (0.15kg) weight of down fill
  • A light 15 oz. (0.45kg) total pillow weight
  • Your choice from nine styles of 100% cotton pillowcase
  • Our custom contoured polyurethane inflatable travel pillow insert
  • Nylon stuff sack
  • Only available online

Our White Down Blend

The white down blend in this down travel pillow comes from Brome Lake goose and duck down. Brome Lake duck down is the finest duck down in the world, and the goose down stands among the best. That makes this white down blend pillow the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and price.

And all of our down is humanely harvested. No duck or goose who gives their down is ever raised for down, force-fed, or live-plucked.

(All prices in Canadian dollars)