Luxury White Down Inflatable Travel Pillows-Pillowpacker® Pillows

If you'd prefer a little more loft and than our premium Brome Lake duck down travel pillow without paying full price, here it is! Our luxury white down is just what you need; it's a perfect blend of white goose and white duck down.

The Pillowpacker® luxurious white down blend inflatable travel pillow features:

  • 100% Canadian white goose and duck down
  • Minimum of 25% goose down (max. 75% duck down)
  • Down-proof, 100% cotton exterior with 260 thread count
  • Easy to use, easy to inflate with a few puffs of breath, deflates in seconds
  • 19"X14", a perfect balance between packability and practical size
  • 5 ounces of our luxury white down blend, washable (your pillow for life)
  • 100% cotton pillowcase, choose from several colours
  • Our custom contoured inflatable travel pillow inner core let's you manage the firmness (recreate your bedroom pillow anywhere)
  • Soft and comfortable, designed ideal neck support so you can sleep in any position
  • Made in Canada
  • Priced in Canadian dollars meaning huge savings for US and European clients
  • Nylon stuff sack
  • Only available online

Our White Down Blend

Our luxury white down blend in this inflatable down travel pillow comes from Brome Lake goose and duck down. Brome Lake duck down is the finest duck down in the world, and the goose down stands among the best. That makes this white down blend pillow the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and price.

And all of our down is humanely harvested. No duck or goose that provides down is ever raised for down, force-fed, or live-plucked.

(All prices in Canadian dollars)