Pillowpacker® Deluxe Silk Sleeper

If you're concerned about hygiene issues in places you plan to travel, things like cleanliness, harsh linen washing chemicals, insects or other night crawlers, you should consider our silk sleep liner. The Pillowpacker® Deluxe Silk Sleeper is a compact, portable all-season, lightweight silk sleeping bag liner, or it can be used instead of a sleeping bag or using furnished bedding. It's an extra layer of protection from all of these concerns.

 Our Deluxe Silk Sleeper features:

  • Extra room courtesy of its side gusset design
  • Extra-long top for a more thorough sleeping bag lining or added protection from night-time insects
  • Folds up to little bigger than a deck of cards
  • Silk stuff sack for easy packing and storing
  • A roomy 35” x 93” (88 x 237 cm)
  • Lightweight 6 oz. (190g)
  • Machine washable with mild detergent
  • Only available online

There’s a reason silk is the ultimate sleeping bag liner. Luxurious and smooth against the skin, it’s also a surprisingly durable fabric. It’s natural and sustainable. It’s breathable and wicks away moisture and keeps you warm in cold conditions and cool in hot conditions! And it’s easy to wash and care for.