Privacy Policy

You value your privacy, and so do we. Here’s what information we collect from you, and how we use it.

Your Personal Data

Name and Address

We collect your name and address only when you place an order. We use them to fulfill the order and ship your package. We keep it on file for customer service. We only share your address with qualified postal and parcel services to fulfill your order.

Credit Card

Like your name and address, we collect credit card information solely to fulfill the order. Your credit card details are encrypted and processed by our payment gateway—we never see any of your financial information. We do not keep your credit card data on file in any way.


We offer the option of paying by PayPal. Like your credit card, we’re provided with PayPal details to process and fulfill your order. We never see the internals of your PayPal data, and any data other than your PayPal account is not kept on file.

Purchase Information

When you place an order, we save the data from the order. This helps us track which orders have been fulfilled, and we also use it to see which of our products are most popular, and when.

Your Device Data

IP Address

When you connect to our website, your IP address is logged by our hosting provider. Your IP address only allows our host to see which devices connected to our site. We use IP addresses to see where in the world visitors are coming from, as well as to protect our site against breaches.


Our website provides you with tracking cookies. These tracking cookies, stored on your computer, provide us with information about your previous visits, so we can tailor the website to your needs. Cookies help us provide you with your shopping cart if you get disconnected.

Your Opinions

Opinions & Reviews

We love to hear from our customers, whether they’re simple reviews or write-ups our customers provide us. We keep these on file to share with other interested customers, so they can know more about your experience. You aren’t under any obligation to provide a review or opinion, and you aren’t under any obligation to provide more information than you’re comfortable with.

Our Policy

Any of your data that we do keep on file is strictly used to keep track of the relationship between customers, stock, and orders. We do not keep your financial data on file, and we will never sell or share any of the information we do keep with any other party, unless it’s strictly required to fulfill your order, such as processing your payment or shipping your order, or we’re requested to by law.

You have the right to request what identifiable personal information we do have at any time.

Our Privacy Officer

If you have any questions about your data, your privacy, or how it’s handled, please contact our privacy officer.

Garry Logue
188 Kehoe St.
Ottawa, ON
K2B 6A5
(613) 828-4104