The World’s Best Inflatable Travel Pillows

By Travellers, for Travellers

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep when you’re travelling. You’ll have more energy, more comfort, and more drive when you wake up in the morning. That’s why we invented our Pillowpacker® Pillows. We wanted you to be able to bring the comfort of home with you wherever you travel.

We’re travellers first. When we created our pillows, we asked ourselves what we would look for when we went to buy a travel pillow.

    • Comfortable: Our down travel pillows are one-of-a-kind. They’re made from Canadian goose down or duck down, depending on the firmness you prefer. Our synthetic pillows are great comfort in more rugged, outdoorsy places.
    • Portable: Our travel pillows are easily portable and packable. A Pillowpacker® pillow weighs less than a pound (just 0.45 kg!). And you just let the air out of the middle inflatable insert to get the pillow into our rugged Nylon stuff sack and pack it away.
    • Pillow: It sounds obvious, but we wanted our pillows to be pillows. Pillowpacker® pillows aren’t bulky foam collars you set around your neck. They’re real, just-like-home pillows, complete with their own pillowcase. They aren’t like other inflatable travel pillows, either. You just inflate the insert and tuck it into the centre of your Pillowpacker® down or microfibre pillow to give you the size and firmness you want.

Canadian-Owned, Canadian-Made

We think we have the world’s best inflatable travel pillow. We also think we have the world’s best down travel pillow and the world’s best microfibre travel pillow. Those are big claims for a small company.

Here’s why we can make them: We’re Canadian-owned and Canadian-made. Communities in Alberta and Quebec humanely harvest the down for our pillows. We assemble and pack our pillows right here in Ottawa. We don’t outsource overseas, and we don’t ship from overseas. That lets us ensure the highest-quality luxury travel pillows you can get.

Pillowpackers® In the News

Before you buy a travel pillow, you want to know you’re getting the best. Our down travel pillows and microfibre pillows are recommended by travel writers, travel agents, and travellers across the world. We’re proud to be featured in Chicago Tribune, the Toronto Star, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Ottawa Citizen, and more.

You Control Your Comfort

What really sets us apart from other inflatable travel pillows is our unique design. Our inflatable insert blows up with just a few puffs into the quick release valve. And it deflates for packing and storing just as easily.

Every sleeper has different needs and our inflatable insert lets you control just how firm and big or soft and yielding your Pillowpacker® pillow is. That’s true whether you want a luxurious goose down travel pillow, a duck down travel pillow, or a microfibre travel pillow—all our pillows use the same system.

You Control Your Style

The home sleeping experience isn’t complete without pillowcases. We have a large variety of colours and patterns for you to choose from to make your Pillowpacker® travel pillow truly yours.

On top of that, we have Silk Sleepers, our 100% silk sleeping bag liners for a 100% home sleeping experience, wherever you are.

Allergies Aren’t an End to Comfort

If you have allergies, you don’t need us to tell you how uncomfortable they are. Thankfully, allergies to goose down and duck down are rare. Most people are allergic to the by-products of down. All Pillowpacker’s® duck down and goose down is humanely harvested and rigorously cleaned before ending up in our down travel pillows.

If you have an allergy to down and not the by-products of down, we suggest trying one of our down- alternative microfibre travel pillows.

Corporate Responsibility

We’re a small business built on the ethics of our owners, Beth and Garry. We think comfort is a right that everybody has. That’s why when you buy any of our travel pillows or accessories, we donate a portion of our revenue to Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope. Gifts of Hope is dedicated to bringing better living conditions to women, children, and families in developing countries.

Wherever you rest your head when you’re away from home, rest it on a Pillowpacker® pillow.

The inflatable contoured inner pillow supports the neck and is customizable to your sleeping preferences
The quick release valve is easily accessible in the assembled pillow
Home-style 100% cotton percale pillowcases in a choice of fashion colours

Silk Liners

Silk liners, used in sleeping bags or in beds, are quite possibly the most undervalued item of travel gear, adding warmth or coolness, protecting you from dirt, pests and allergens.