The World’s BEST Inflatable Travel Pillows - Made in Canada

A good night's sleep lets you see the world differently and enjoy your travel experience more. Pillowpacker® Pillows were invented by travellers for travellers. A Pillowpacker® Pillow lets you bring the comfort of home with you whenever and wherever you travel for business or pleasure. These versatile pillows weigh less than a pound (450 grams) but offer the comfort of your bedroom pillow. One can easily fit in your carryon luggage or backpack and will not only be useful en route but provide the comfort of your own home-style pillow at your destination. 

We claim our pillows are the World's best inflatable travel pillows and here is why. Made in Canada of only the highest quality materials, our pillow system is unique in the industry for luxury and its ability to provide you with a personalized sleep experience tailored to your needs.

At the heart of our unique pillow system is the inflatable contoured inner pillow that easily blows up with only a few puffs into the quick-release valve. Because you control the pressure you can adjust the pillow to your own sleeping preferences. To maximize sleep comfort, the inner pillow is nestled inside a luxurious outer pillow in a choice of hypoallergenic microfibre, Canadian duck down or premium Hutterite goose down. Each pillow includes its own home-style pillowcase in a choice of fashion colours. Although when inflated it is half the size of a normal bedroom pillow, it can replace one or even two pillows, thus replicating your home sleeping experience.

To keep your pillow clean and fresh, it can be rolled up and stored in its own nylon stuff sack. Everything is washable. With proper care you can rest assured that your pillow will remain clean and comfortable for years of travel enjoyment.

Concerned  about allergies? True allergies to goose and duck down are quite rare. Most people who believe they are allergic to down are actually allergic to dust or dust mites. High quality downs are put through rigorous cleaning processes which finish with special treatments to ensure the down is hypoallergenic. However, if you are concerned about allergies please consider our Hypoallergenic Microfibre Down Alternative Pillow. And in all cases, follow our care instructions to ensure your pillows remain clean, fresh and hypoallergenic year after year.

To improve your confidence and sleep comfort while away from home Pillowpackers also sells additional cotton pillowcases in a variety of colours, as well as Silk Sleepers, 100% silk "sleeping bag liners".

Recommended by travel editors and travel agents, we have many happy customers who have taken their Pillowpacker® Pillows around the world. Some customers like their pillows so much they enjoy them every night as their home pillows. Lightweight and contoured, the Pillowpacker® Pillow provides good neck support and many of our clients have reported benefiting from pain relief from a variety of physical ailments.

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The inflatable contoured inner pillow supports the neck and is customizable to your sleeping preferences
The quick release valve is easily accessible in the assembled pillow
Home-style 100% cotton percale pillowcases in a choice of fashion colours

Silk Liners

Silk liners, used in sleeping bags or in beds, are quite possibly the most undervalued item of travel gear, adding warmth or coolness, protecting you from dirt, pests and allergens.

Premium Brome Duck Down Inflatable Travel Pillow

Ultimate Comfort Hutterite Goose Down Inflatable Travel Pillow

Hypoallergenic Microfibre Down Alternative Inflatable Travel Pillow