Premium Brome Duck Down Inflatable Travel Pillow

From the world-famous duck farms of Brome Lake Quebec. Only the finest down, specially cleaned and treated to maintain extra fill power for greater luxury.

Choose the Premium Brome Duck Down Pillow if you value the luxury of down at a moderate price. This inflatable travel pillow will benefit travellers seeking the best airplane pillow for back or neck support and is the most comfortable pillow you can buy.

The Premium Brome Duck Down Pillow Set includes:
  • 100% percale cotton pillowcase in your choice of colours
  • Our custom-designed inflatable contoured inner pillow
  • Outer pillow:
    • 5 ounces/ 150 grams of premium Brome duck down, 600 loft
    • Down-proof shell 100% white cotton, 400 thread count
  • Nylon stuff sack.

About Brome Duck Down

Our 100% Canadian duck down is humanely harvested from Brome Lake ducks that has been processed and laboratory tested to exceed all Canadian and inter-national cleanliness standards. The down is over 75% down clusters with a 600-loft factor. Brome Lake Ducks use breeding methods that value the quality of life of their birds and raise them without antibiotics and growth hormones on a natural diet and access to water.

Down is naturally very fluffy and light and has the marvelous ability to breath and “wick away” body moisture. Down is the undercoating of waterfowl. It consists of millions of light, fluffy filaments, growing from a central quill point. Every ounce of quality down has about 2 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap, creating a three-dimensional structure that traps air that makes down do desirable. The ability of these filaments to trap air is called “loft”. Down continually re-lofts and moulds itself to the body without clumping. Because of its resilience, you can scrunch it up or flatten it out and it will still bounce back to its original shape in order to maintain its warm and fluffy properties. This means that you can be assured of comfortable and restorative sleeps whether on the airplane or in your hotel or other travel accommodation.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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