Globe and Mail Travel Writer Likes Pillowpacker Pillows

December 30, 2019

A Pillowpacker pillow featured in the Globe and Mail

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 A Globe and Mail travel writer recently took one of our inflatable travel pillows for a work-out and wrote that it was a pretty "Cushy set up". Like us, she hauled her full size bedroom pillow around but that just got too inconvenient and too costly. So, the answer is to recreate your bedroom pillow with just a few puffs of your breath, wherever and whenever you travel with our travel pillows.

A woman comfortably rests on a pillowpacker pillow

You can leave your shoes behind but never leave home without your trusty sleep buddy, your Pillowpacker inflatable travel pillow.

This unbiased travel article joins the many others from discerning professional travel writers from the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Winnipeg Free Press and the Toronto Star among many others.

Here's the link to her post:

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