Fewer Headaches Or Neck Pain With Pillowpacker Travel Pillows

March 07, 2018

Fewer Headaches Or Neck Pain With Pillowpacker Travel Pillows

Beth and I invented our inflatable down pillow because we couldn’t find a satisfactory one anywhere. So, we followed the advice of Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce who said ”if you can’t find what you are looking for, invent it”. Over the course of a year of prototyping various models and asking fellow travellers to try them out we finally settled on our current design. It's a perfect balance between packability and a practical size. No C-shaped gizmos or postage-stamp sizes here!

The difference between our pillow and others is our custom-made contoured inflatable inner core. The contour provides greater support for the neck and reduces the load on shoulders so spinal alignment is more natural and thus causes fewer conflict points.

A Pillowpackers polyuerthane inflatable travel pillow insert

So, this unique design make our pillows among the best travel and camping pillows for side sleepers and back sleepers. But, we have positive testimonials from sleep apnea sufferers and stomach sleepers so these rounds things out nicely.

It’s important to note that we did not set out to create a medical device and we make no medical claims but we can’t help it if dozens of our customers tell us about their joy with fewer pains, migraines or headaches when they use our Pillowpacker pillows.

Migraines And Pains Stay Home When Travelling With A Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillow

Almost 2 years ago Beth wrote an extensive article on choosing the right travel pillow, the link is below. The Readers’ Digest version is the need to have the spine in its most natural position when sleeping. We’ve designed our inflatable down and microfibre travel pillows with this in mind. Here’s the link to the article but don’t forget to come back here and continue reading: https://www.pillowpackers.com/blogs/blog/128133635-your-pillow-your-way

Neck Pain Is A Pain In The Neck

Barbara lives in Almonte, Ontario and she told us that in her latest trip to New Zealand with her Pillowpacker pillow that “this is the first trip in years I haven't had neck issues and it makes a huge difference and I wanted to let you know your pillow is wonderful”.

Sandra lives in Ottawa, Ontario had some initial concerns that her new Pillowpacker inflatable travel pillow might aggravate her neck issues but she bought one. As she said “I purchased one to try out and it sat in its packaging for a month before I worked up the courage to give it a go, fearing that it would complicate my neck tightness and spasms.

So, there is nothing wrong with being cautious when you have concerns with neck issues but Barbara took the plunge and told us “I reached the right inflation to support my neck and slept like a baby. No neck stiffness or headaches the next morning! That was a year ago and I continue to enjoy my pillow and it is compact enough, thanks due to their nifty design, my pillow goes everywhere with me in my carry on luggage.”

Beth and I think we’ve created one of the best travel pillow for neck pain but you can be the judge; just decide whether you want our down travel pillow or our microfibre travel pillow.

An illustration showing the ways in which a pillowpacker inflatable travel pillow helps both side and back sleepers

Ann from Ottawa told us that our inner core with its custom-designed contour achieves its purpose “I think the inflatable core would be helpful for anyone with a neck problem so I will spread the word (link) to people who have that kind of problem as well as frequent travellers.”

Marc from Ottawa gets a real bonus because in addition to neck pain relief he uses his PP inflatable pillow every night, a story we hear from about 35% of our customers. Marc says “I have been using my travel pillow for many years, not only for traveling around the world, but also to sleep every night at home. It is a great product and, in my case, the only pillow that prevents neck pain, which is why I use it every night. It has worked miracles for my neck since I purchased it.”

Kathy from Virginia heard about us from Johnny Jet’s travel site in her search for the best travel pillow for neck pain because she “had neck spinal surgery this spring and have been carrying my regular size water pillow with me on travel and it is just too large. I have been looking for an alternative and your pillow seemed to fit my needs.”

Allen from Wisconsin no longer needs headache medication when he travels which is never a bad thing. As he told us “your pillow made a huge difference in my physical wellbeing. No more Excedrin strength headaches and neck aches in the morning. The pillow does all you said it would do and more. I will never leave home again without my Pillowpacker!”

Finally, Linda from Ottawa got right to the point “No more rough nights and stiff necks.”

Best Contour Travel Pillow For Neck Pain

So if you’re a traveller or camper looking for the ultimate comfort whenever you leave home and you want to leave your neck pains or sore shoulders behind we recommend any of our Pillowpacker® pillows. They’re the perfect travel pillow for any travel or camping trip and in fact we think they’re the perfect pillow, period. Depending on your unique travel needs and your own preferences you can select between our microfibre inflatable travel pillow or one of our down travel pillows: duck downwhite down blend, or goose down for ultimate comfort.

Rest assured wherever you roam, with a Pillowpacker® pillow, it’s like sleeping at home!

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