Finding the right travel pillow is no laughing matter. Or is it?

April 29, 2016

An illustration of passengers on an airplane using a variety of travel pillows

If you Google “travel pillows” the variety of shapes, sizes, features and claims made have to make you laugh. The funniest products in my mind are the Sky Rest and the Ostrich. The former is an inflatable block-shape pillow roughly the size of a milk crate that sits on your lap or fold-out table and the Ostrich is a bean-filled hood that covers your entire head except for your nose and mouth so that you look like a giant eyeless teddy bear. Oooh, bad hair.

 There are also innumerable reviews and comparisons to be found on the Web. The best one I found was in the Gear and Gadgets section of the Wall Street Journal, called “Desperately Seeking Slumber,” by 
Nancy Keates, updated Feb. 1, 2013.

In her article, Keates rated eight conservative choices (i.e., neither the inflatable crate or the teddy bear head was included) on four criteria: Embarrassment Factor, Sleep-Aid Help, Packability and Set-Up Hassle.

 Although some of the neck support pillows provided reasonable relief for the middle seat, Keates recommends that travelers book a window seat and bring their own pillow with multiple pillowcases to ensure cleanliness on their journey.

 The surfeit of novelty and gimmicks among travel pillows can make it difficult to find what you are really looking for—a versatile, comfortable and sanitary travel pillow that will serve you while on route and at your destination.

 We think the Pillowpacker® Pillow is just the travel pillow Keates and you may be searching for! Adjustable firmness, built-in neck support, packable, easy to use, sanitary with extra pillowcases available, makes this pillow ideal for transportation and night-time sleeping away from home. And certainly, no one would feel embarrassed toting the world’s best home-style inflatable travel pillow in a choice of Canadian duck down, Hutterite goose down and Eco2 Suprelle Microfibre fillings in its tidy stuff sack.

Make the comparison for yourself. See the comparison chart to determine whether a Pillowpacker® Pillow is right for you. 

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