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Luxurious Hutterite White Goose Down Inflatable Travel Pillows - 800 Loft

Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillows offer our luxurious Hutterite white goose down travel pillows for anyone looking for the ultimate in down comfort. With a Loft* factor of 800 this is likely the most luxurious of any travel pillow on the planet. Spoil yourself with this soft and ultra comfortable inflatable travel pillow now!

The Pillowpacker® Ultimate Comfort White Goose Down Travel Pillow features:

  • Easy to use, easy to inflate with a few puffs of breath, deflates in seconds
  • Ultra-luxurious 100% Canadian 800-loft goose down
  • Down-proof shell, 100% cotton exterior with 400 thread count
  • 19"X14", a perfect balance between packability and practical size
  • 5 ounces of Hutterite goose down fill, washable (your pillow for life)
  • 100% cotton pillowcase, choose from several colors
  • Our custom contoured inflatable travel pillow inner core lets you manage the firmness (re-create your bedroom pillow anywhere)
  • Soft and comfortable, designed to give ideal neck support so you can sleep in any position
  • Made in Canada
  • Priced in Canadian dollars meaning a huge savings for US and European clients
  • Nylon stuff sack
  • Only available online

About Hutterite Goose Down

The Hutterite communities of Alberta produce the most lofty, luxurious goose down in the world. That's why we use it for our top-of-the-line inflatable goose down travel pillows.This is what we had in mind when we launched Pillowpacker® Pillows - to make the best travel pillow you could ever dream of, or ON! 

What makes the Hutterites special, and their white goose down so luxurious, is their pacifist, communal outlook and dedication to hard work. These aren’t factory farms producing down as soon as it’s ready to harvest, but honest, hard-working folk living in fellowship, with everything they produce imbued with the quality their ethics demand.

That makes Hutterite goose down, produced as part of their traditional farming practices, the best in the world. No goose is ever raised to be live-plucked or force-fed, but allowed to grow the fluffiest, most insulating down as part of their natural life cycle.

That’s the down put into every one of our Pillowpacker® Ultimate Comfort Goose Down Inflatable Travel Pillows, so that you can rest easy wherever you are.

* What is "Loft"....Loft is the measure of the "fluffiness" of Down and only Down has loft, feathers have no loft. It refers to the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill. The loft of good quality down can range from about 550 but can range from about 300 to 800.

(All prices in Canadian dollars)