Winnipeg Free Press Review Of Our Pillow

June 09, 2017

Kelly Taylor of the Winnipeg Free Press rests on a PillowPackers inflatable travel pillow

Copy editor Kelly Taylor of the Winnipeg Free Press took one of our pillows for a "road test", a reasonable analogy since Kelly is also the WFP automotive critic.

Kelly Taylor is not normally encouraged to sleep on the job. Here's what he had to say....

If you’ve ever stayed awake at night in a hotel room thinking to yourself, "If I just had a bit more pillow..." there’s something on the market you might like.

Created by Canadian company Pillowpacker Pillows, the inflatable travel pillow tucks away neatly in a suitcase and inflates with just a couple of puffs. A quick-release valve makes easy work of adjusting the pressure inside the pillow to the user’s preference.

On a recent trip to Finland, the Pillowpacker came in handy, supplementing the pillows at the Scandic Simonkentta Hotel in Helsinki and later at Santa’s Gisele Hotel in Saariselka. Kept in my carry-on, it was a welcome companion for the economy-class flight from Copenhagen to Toronto.

The pillow folds into a tube about the size of a football and features an outer pillow of either hypoallergenic microfibre, duck down or goose down. An outer cover is available in a variety of colours.

Prices range from $90 for a pillow with a microfibre cushion to $225 with premium Hutterite goose down. (Geese have religion, who knew?) 

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