Travelling Is Back On Our Radar!

February 21, 2022

Travelling Is Back On Our Radar!

It’s no secret that for the last 24 months we, humans, have faced the most troubling times with restrictions and warnings coming at us from every direction, and seemingly every day. As “social  animals” we, humans have dealt with these warnings and restrictions as best we can but the result has caused many to feel isolated and lacking interpersonal contact. I don’t think it’s a big stretch to say that travellers are at the leading edge of people who have these feelings. Travellers get energy, satisfaction and pleasure from their travel experiences and the new connections they generate.

Happily these restrictions appear to be on the wane. Countries around the globe seem to mostly be saying that the restrictions have done their work and now it’s time to relax or eliminate them.

Personally I think I am sensing a kind of earthquake, a trembling sensation, a rumbling that is unmistakable. It’s not a geological earthquake, it’s an emotional one that is signalling an upcoming upheaval in a positive way. It’s a seismic shift from the feeling of isolation to one of relief, of awakening, of a light at the end of the tunnel in travel normalcy.

Travellers are feeling that they have paid their restriction “dues” and now it’s payback time. And it’s payback to ourselves. Freedom restored to get back to "some form" of normalcy and get travelling back safely into our lives.

I say some form of normalcy because the restrictions and warnings may disappear but some have made permanent and even helpful impressions on our psyche and impact some of our future behaviours and buying decisions. One such impact is the role of hygiene in our health and safety.

Another is the importance of personal property, having your own stuff, knowing who has handled things around you and feeling confident when it’s your own. This is not paranoia; this is just more awareness and placing more importance in controlling more things you can control especially things coming into contact with your face and body.

Can anyone find an object  that has more direct contact with your face than one’s pillow? What other item is so intimate with your face than your pillow eight hours a day (night) more or less. And if you are in the growing community of travellers who carry their own pillow, we at Pillowpacker® Pillows are working diligently to meet their exacting needs.

Pillowpacker® Inflatable Travel Pillows is a Canadian family-owned business whose sole purpose is to provide and improve comfort to discerning travellers. For us a “traveller” is anyone who leaves their home for one night or more no matter where their destination. Maybe some place exotic thousands of miles away (and dollars invested), or to visit a friend, family member or on a tenting or canoeing outing. If comfort is among the highest priorities for you whenever and wherever you travel then then we hope an ethically sourced and environmentally conscious Pillowpacker pillow merits your consideration.

Invented by travellers for travellers, Pillowpacker® pillows are luxurious, hygienic, washable, lightweight and packable. Since 2008 our pillows have been tested and approved by travel editors, travel professionals and, most importantly, hundreds of discerning travellers who place travel comfort at the pinnacle of their buying considerations. Testimonials from around the globe are telling us that we have met their demanding travel comfort needs and we are humbled by this feedback. Full disclosure, we estimate that around 35% of our clients now use their Pillowpacker® travel pillow as their every-night bedroom pillow. They bought it for travel and now use it every night. What kind of return on investment is that we ask?

Making the world’s most comfortable travel pillows is our sole mission. We don’t make bedding, we don’t make mattresses, we only make travel pillows. We make several models but all weigh the same, have the same dimensions, are luxurious all while being washable, lightweight and packable. Invented, tested and made by travellers for travellers, that’s our heritage and our forever focus.

Many clients have asked us if they can share the word about us and we have taken this question to heart and have created a “reward” program for those so inclined via the following link:

We at Pillowpacker® Inflatable Travel Pillows hope we can be part of your travel comfort plans and wish all travellers safe and enjoyable travels forever! Maybe we offer a kind of bridge or safe passage after such troubling times.



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