Price Versus Value, The Story Of The Best Inflatable Travel Pillow

April 01, 2018

A man weighs out price and value while considering which travel pillow to purchase

 Everyone knows what price is. It’s the money leaving your wallet for the product that you’ve bought. Price is important there is no question about that, but what about Value? Value is a bit more difficult concept and that is the field of expertise of Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillows.

We specialize in Value. For us Value is the “what you get for your money”. Put another way Value is a way to express the amount of quality you get for the money you spend.

Our inflatable microfiber and down travel pillows may look expensive (looking only at price) and for many browsers this is the major, if not the only thing they look at. There are hundreds on cheaper pillows on the market and anyone shopping based on price should avoid our website.

Competing For Your Travel Pillow Business

We don’t compete on price; that’s a mug’s game and a race to the bottom. We compete on Value by offering high cost pillows (what we pay to make them) that are ethically made, without sweatshop workers, respecting the environment and even the treatment of the animals that gave us their down to make our down products.

A quality/value graph is helpful when deciding which travel pillow to buy


Not everyone cares about these values but we do so we reject cheap components and cheap labour and make very elegant, high quality products. When we say that our Hutterite white goose down pillow contains only that filling we mean it. We guarantee it! Could we cut corners and save money and improve our profits by fudging the quality of the down? Yes we could but we DON’T. That is Quality! That is Value! And quality costs more and we believe it is worth more.

A Pillow For Life, Comfort For Life

We believe our inflatable travel pillows are among the, if not the, best in the world. They are investments, like really good quality clothing or shoes. When you buy quality products they last a long time. You may give them away after 20 years but likely that is because you want a change, maybe because they are no longer is style. Luckily for us and our customers comfort never goes out of style.

Who Cares About Comfort?

Not everyone! If you are happy to roll up your jeans and use them for your pillow (with zipper tracks on your cheek for a week) when travelling you do not want our pillows. If you can sleep with your head on your fishing tackle box or a case of beer (mostly empty) you do not want or need our pillows.

However, some people, and we at Pillowpackers believe there are one million of us in the world, want, need and demand comfort when we travel. For us travelling is sleeping outside your home regardless of distance or duration. So, sleep next door or sleep on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro makes no difference to us….you are travelling.

The Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillow Family

So, we care about quality and we care about comfort and we balance these two objectives with our tried and true inflatable travel pillows. We have balanced packability with practical size and tested these two criteria with travellers; so they are invented by travellers and tested by travellers. But don’t believe us, believe the dozens of Pillowpacker pillow owners who have taken the time to send us their stories.

So if you’re a traveller or camper looking for the ultimate comfort whenever you leave home we recommend any of our Pillowpacker® pillows. They’re the perfect travel pillow for any camping trip and in fact we think they’re the perfect pillow, period. Depending on the terrain your travelling and your own preferences you can select between our microfibre inflatable travel pillow or one of our down travel pillows: duck downwhite down blend, or goose down for ultimate comfort.

Rest assured wherever you roam, with a Pillowpacker® pillow, it’s like sleeping at home!


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