Luxurious New Down-Alternative Inflatable, Packable Travel Pillow

March 27, 2022

Luxurious New Down-Alternative Inflatable, Packable Travel Pillow

In our Pillowpacker Hypoallergenic Microfibre Inflatable Travel Pillow we use Eco2 Suprelle Micro, the latest innovation in microfibre technology, created and manufactured in Germany.  

A revolutionary manufacturing process produces a luxurious down-alternative product of ultrafine siliconized fibres of Dacron polyester that are soft, light and very smooth to the touch. The siliconization process allows the fibres to slide past one another easily, creating a soft texture similar to goose down. Suprelle is more more durable, fluffier, rebounds better than other microfibres and is naturally hypo-allergenic.

Designed to simulate the luxurious softness of down and also compliant with stringent European standards for environmental protection and product safety means that our inflatable pillows will provide years of travel comfort. They are an investment that will add enjoyment to all your travels, whenever and wherever you roam.

Read more about this marvellous product addition here!

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