How do I wash my Pillowpacker® Pillow?

8月 21, 2015

Proper wasing and storage will ensure your Pillowpacker Pillow is clean and fresh and will increase its longevity. Follow this simple instructions here.

Although the down pillows takes longer to dry than the microfibre, both wash and dry beautifully. Machine-wash the outer pillow separately on a warm short gentle cycle with a minimal amount of high efficiency (low sudsing) liquid detergent.  Repeat with a second cycle without detergent to ensure that all residue is removed – detergent or soap residue kills loft. Dry the pillows in the drier on medium heat using tennis or “drier mate” balls until fluffy. This may take several cycles.

Ensure that the pillows are perfectly dry before packing. When not travelling, store the pillows flat in a well ventillated closet as you would store your home pillows.