Customer Testimonials

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What our customers are saying:

Susan M:

Hi Garry—
I ordered one for myself years ago & couldn’t be happier. This one is a gift for a friend. I recommended these to another friend and she bought one a couple of years ago, & loves it. Your company is awesome—great Customer Service-- I can’t believe how fast you shipped that order! Pretty amazing!
Warm regards,

Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 

Joanne K:

I found the Pillowpacker travel pillow approximately 5 years ago. I had a couple of other pillows but they weren’t comfortable and were very bulky for travelling. I likes the idea the pillows were inflatable and you could adjust the loft.  When not in use just open valve, remove air and roll, great idea and the space it takes up is a lot less than my other ones. I ended up with the Hutterite down as I have a comforter of the same filling and really like the soft feel.

Fast forward to 2020, I am not travelling so decided to use at home between my knees for spinal support while sleeping and it works great, again being able to adjust he amount of air in the interior bladder is great. I am so happy with the quality, comfort and the use I have had out of it.  Glad I found on the internet and the company after market support is outstanding. 

Toronto, Ontario


Barb R:

I was very impressed with both the products and the excellent service I received. I have used the pillow now for 4 years. It is well made and stands up to the hiking and backpacking experiences I have put it through.
I like the way it flattens out and fits on top of my suitcase or squishes into my backpack. I've also used it on the plane as a pillow instead of taking one of the bulky horseshoe ones. It's nice to know I always have my own pillow instead of not knowing if a pillowcase at a hotel has been changed recently. I just bought another one to use as a knee pillow.

The silk sheet is amazing. It's soft and comfy to sleep in. I couldn't believe how small it is folded into it's little pouch. The pouch measures only 7 inches by 5 inches!

Any questions I had were answered immediately and the items were sent promptly! I wish all my online shopping experiences were so positive!

Victoria, British Columbia

Ann L.:

Hi Gary and Beth,

I love this pillow! It is a real game-changer in avoiding the neck pain that even one bad set of hotel bedding can leave you with for a whole trip. I first used the Pillowpacker Travel Pillow in February, 2020 during a five-week tour of Australia and New Zealand. I was concerned about something new and untried being able to fend off possible comfort problems at so many different stops. Well, no worries! It was so easy to adjust the pillow's firmness to exactly the support level I wanted. No more being at the mercy of whatever pillow a  hotel happens to have on hand. The pillow is also a boon to those who travel light, as it squashes down almost flat and slips easily into the top pocket of a suitcase. The two pillow protectors I took along could be washed and dried quickly to keep things fresh. The whole Pillowpacker system is such a good product!

I hope this is of some use to you. Your pillow has really made a difference in my travel experience and I look forward to taking it along whenever travel is possible again. 

Keep well, and happy trails whenever!

All the best, Ann

Montréal, Québec, February 2021

Connie D.:

Hi Garry,

About ten years ago, I saw a recommendation for the Pillowpacker pillows in the Chicago Tribune travel section. I chose the microfiber pillow and it’s been the best travel “companion” one could ask for. It’s the perfect size to use on an airplane, in a car or even at home. The inflatable insert allows just the right amount of cushion for anyone’s preference. I have also removed the inflatable insert and filled the pillow with fibers so that I could sit on it for a four-hour flight when I was having discomfort after a surgery. It was just the right size for the airplane seat and made the flight more comfortable. Very versatile.

But just as important - the customer service is exceptional. Although the insert and nozzle are very well made, mine got a small rip – probably during a move. When I called Garry, he sent a replacement for the price of shipping alone, so he stands by the quality of his product.  I love my Pillowpacker pillow and have been using it for ten years. I just bought another as a gift for my sister and I know she’ll love it too.

Sincerely, Connie

Lockport, Illinois, February 2021


Steve K.:

Hi Garry,

Well I’m 1,220 miles away from home and as you can see, my travel pillow has also made the trip.  It is so convenient to deflate the pillow and roll it up so it easily fits in the overnight roller bag for any getaway.  This is my only travel since March 1st but I needed to drive here spending one night at a hotel.  It was reassuring to be able to use my own pillow at the hotel.  Once here, I continued to use the pillow until the linen had all been laundered, another Covid precaution.  I’ll be here for ten weeks now.   


Last year I contacted you because the pillow was losing air overnight.  I was able to purchase a replacement bladder which you shipped to me.  I really appreciated you helping me out.  I have a rotator that acts up and makes sleeping difficult.  The travel pillow’s adjustability allows me to have it support the arm just right to relieve the shoulder and give me a good night’s sleep.  

Thanks for making a great product and standing behind it.

Sincerely, Steve

Sarasota, Florida, January 2021


Susan K.:

Hello Garry and Beth,

As for travel in the future.... I am 78 and I don't believe travel whenever this pandemic ends is in my future. Travel and health insurance would be out of the question as far as costs.  I think I've done all the travelling I'll be doing in my lifetime.  I am sorry, though, that I didn't get a Pillowpacker pillow so much earlier in my life --- it would have made my nights while travelling so much more restful.

When I bought my Pillowpackers pillow, I also bought a few extra pillow cases (to save the cost of shipping/handling), which will be fine to use as protectors if needed.

I wish you all the best with your quest, also a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Toronto, Ontario, January 2021


Olga P.:

We have been using our Pillowpacker pillows for many years now, mainly for travelling but also anytime a little bit of home comfort is needed.  My pillow made a short stay in the hospital so much more comfortable, and that little bit of home took some of the stress away.  We take our pillows everywhere, especially when we are travelling on planes as it makes long flights so comfortable! It is an essential part of travelling for us, in the car also, and the covering is easily washed. After many years I needed a new insert and they sent one which arrived very quickly. It’s one of those things we won’t leave home without!

Bayfield, Ontario, December 2020


Marion S.:

Several years ago I purchased a pillow packer for my daughter who loved to go camping but didn't have much room to store or tote things to a campsite. At the time she was living in a small NYC apartment and needed to carry all her gear via the train. She loved the pillow so much and boasted about it. I bought one for myself! I'm a very light packer and have taken my pillow to Europe and on other trips. 

I recently spent 16 days in Oregon (with family) and forgot my pillow packer. Boy did I miss it. When I returned home, I put the pillow in my backpack so that would not happen again! Just five good puffs of air gives me a comfortable night of sleep.

Bloomington MN, December 2020


Hillary M.:

Hi Garry, I just returned from a long trip and slept in at least eight different rooms. My Pillowpacker made all the difference! I bought a down filled pillow and used it as is. I found it didn't need to be inflated. I just put it over the hotel room pillow and was perfectly comfortable every night.

Thanks for such a great product!

Chicago, Illinois, May 2017

Barbara C.:

I bought one of your pillows recently and am mid-way through my travels in NZ.

I wanted to let you know your pillow is wonderful. This is the first trip in years I haven't had neck issues and it makes a huge difference. Thank you so, so much.

Almonte, Ontario, March 2017

Helen W:

Hi Garry,
My Pillowpacker Pillow arrived earlier this week, but due to a busy schedule, it wasn't till today that I opened, inflated, & tried it out. Initially, I needed to add a bit more air, then tried it out a second time. Garry, I can't believe how totally comfortable it is!!! I expected to be "aware" of the air pillow. There's a "feel" of an air mattress, and that feel is not a cozy one. It's better than the hard ground, but it's not cozy. That's what I was expecting with my new pillow. I couldn't understand how people would use it at home in place of their usual pillow. But now, I understand why! Totally comfortable!!! No awareness of the air pillow. Absolutely, I'd be able to use it nightly; it feels every bit as comfortable as my wonderful down pillow. But I'll probably save it for camping & travel. Even an overnight flight will be much more bearable with my Pillowpacker Pillow compressed into my carryon, ready to be inflated & used.
Thank you so much for devising such a great product. I'll pass on the great news!!!
West Granby, Connecticut, February 2017

Sandra B.:

I've discovered the Pillowpacker to be quite versatile. Not only have I used it for comfort while travelling, but have also found it to be useful for therapy. For instance, it made a great arm support while I was recovering from a shoulder injury. Great little pillow!
Ottawa, Ontario, February 2017

Charlie H.:

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am very impressed with your website, your attention to detail and my new pillow. It showed up 2 hours after you replied. I promptly took it out, shook it loose asyou say to do in the excellent and clear instructions. Your sentence, "this may sound very specific..." was perfectly logical once I followed your instructions.
So thank you, I can already tell I'll be ordering your deluxe model for my home. On a side note, early last month I had a trip planned for Portland OR for 3 nights, 4 days. I've been in Outside Sales for 20 years. Up until recently, I drove my territory from San Diego, CA to Fresno, CA monthly. I would always pack my tempurpedic(sp) pillow in my large suitcase as I had trunk space. Well, they've asked me to take over a larger area and I fly from Alaska to Colorado and everywhere in between. I had a to make a choice the night before I was leaving, pillow or coat in my carry on? I chose the pillow as, even though the Hilton, Marriot, Holiday Inn, etc. all have 5 different pillows on the bed, they are all weak. So, I slept well that week, but, Portland caught an Artic front that caused snow and ice. I froze my butt off.
I saw your product in the LA Times travel section. It was a short review that they run in an inside column every Sunday. I am very happy now as I can fit my coat and my new pillow into my carry on.
Long Beach, California, January 2017

Yves and Mónica: 

Last August the car was packed, the canoe on the car roof, and we left for our annual canoe trip. After driving 16 kilometres, we realised that we had forgotten the pillowpacker pillows. We did not hesitate to do a U turn to get them. They are simply the best. Having them in our tent make us feel as comfortable as in our bed at home. On our return, I tucked them in our sleeping bags in order not forget them next time. 
Québec, December 2016


Cynthia S.:

I own three Pillowpacker travel pillows, with the down feathered cover[outer pillow]. They go everywhere I go, with two of them permanently kept in our two homes.

All my life I have slept with my feather pillow from childhood. The pillow manufactured in 1946 was a combo of differing parts of duck feathers combined with finely shaved cedar chips. Over the last couple of years my neck complications due to accident and age, I was not sleeping comfortably on this pillow, yet I was sceptical that I would ever be able to find a suitable replacement. A friend told me about Pillowpacker travel pillows and highly recommended that I give them a try.

I met with Garry to discuss my needs and he assured me that after years of trying to come up with a good prototype that both he and his wife would be comfortable sleeping on whilst travelling, instead of lugging their regular size pillows everywhere with them. He explained the construction and how I can control the plumpness of the travel pillow to be the best support for my neck.

I purchased one to try out and it sat in its packaging for a month before I worked up the courage to give it a go, fearing that it would complicate my neck tightness and spasms.

I reached the right inflation to support my neck and slept like a baby. No neck stiffness or headaches the next morning! That was a year ago and I continue to enjoy my pillow and it is compact enough, thanks due to their nifty design, my pillow goes everywhere with me in my carry on luggage. Thanks, Garry and Beth, for your ingenuity.

Ottawa, Ontario, May 2016

Ann R.:

I want you to know that I really like my pillow. I told you that I would send you the e-mail addresses of a few friends but they would prefer to contact you themselves if they want to order any of the pillows. I sent them all the link to Pillowpackers that includes the video and now it is up to them. I think the inflatable core would be helpful for anyone with a neck problem so I will spread the word (link) to people who have that kind of problem as well as frequent travellers. Good luck.

Ottawa, Ontario, January 2015

J. Marc G.:

I have been using my travel pillow for many years, not only for traveling around the world, but also to sleep every night at home. It is a great product and, in my case, the only pillow that prevents neck pain, which is why I use it every night.

Ottawa, Ontario, July 2014

Carolyn E.:

They call me Willow Pillow well, no actually our friend (and new customer of yours, Mike M) has dubbed me "Pillowpackin' Mamma."

Here's the latest - Thumb Cove, Resurrection Bay, Alaska Actual proof that with a Pillowpacker, one sleeps like a log!!

Best to you and Beth.

Anchorage, Alaska, June 2014

Carolyn E:

Alii Garry. Once again, having our Pillowpackers with us made for restful nights! This was essential to our well being as we were doing multiple scuba dives every day for a week (it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it). Thanks again for such a great product! Maybe you can rebrand them as "Palaupackers" for the South Pacific market! :-)

Anchorage, Alaska, May 2014

Pierre P. Antony:

l have received my order in March, sorry for not having let you know about that in time. Since then have tried the pillow a number of times: this inflatable pillow is just fantastic! This is exactly what I was looking for, and now I take it with me every time I am on TDY. Depending on the quality of the bed I just have to adjust its height by inserting a towel underneath it, and I am sure I will have a nice sleep. Also, it saves a lot of space and weight in my case (which makes it easier for me to bring back some parcels for my wife and children!). Feel free of course to post this review on your website! BTW, I have just ordered another one!

France, May 2014

Julie B.:

It is the best travel pillow ever. I ordered one for my girlfriend because she left hers in a hotel earlier this year.

Apple Valley, Minnesota, March 2014

Carolyn E.:

Apologies for the delayed response (traveling, then the holidays, illness, etc.) We're fine now and catching up. Pillow performed brilliantly through a one week trek in the Dolomites, followed by a week at a villa near Pergo, Tuscany, Italy (photo below) and 3+ weeks/2300 miles of Croatia and Amalfi Coast (Italy). Sorry I didn't get more photos, but we were covering a lot of ground. Hope your new year is off to a great start! A bientôt.

Anchorage, Alaska, January 2014

Noeline. K.:

Hey have used your down pillow on 3 long trips and it really is the best. I’ve just ordered another pillowcase. I always place it on top of hotel pillow and it stays there for the visit. Never place head on hotel pillows. Also on plane the first thing I do is unpack my pillow and place on top of airline pillow - if they give you one! I always reserve a window seat and make a nest of sorts with the pillows. Call me paranoid! this one has been round the globe.

Corpus Christi, Texas, December 2013

Joi J.:

Thank you, Garry! I'm going to place an order for my 91-year old mother-in-law. I'll order it online tomorrow as today is our 20th anniversary, and we're heading out for the day. I sure appreciate your attention to this matter. These are the best!

Elkhart, Indiana, December 2013

Cpl Allan T., Canadian Forces:

Recently I was deployed on an exercise to Wainwright, Alberta. I spent about 28 days sleeping in the field and have never had a better sleep then I did with my new Pillow from Pillowpacker Pillows. I almost always get migraines about 3 days into an exercise from sleeping on a sweater filled with t-shirts and pants to act as a pillow. My friends were all very jealous of me, wanting to know where they could one…of course I said but I would love to see our local Kit shops pick up the product and sell them to the troops in their backyard. It truly is an amazing product, and for soldiers who on average spend about one third of our year away from home travelling for courses and training and overseas deployments I have not found a better pillow to do the job.

Petawawa, Ontario, October 2013

J. Marc G.:

I am scheduled for a long trip this October and would not want to leave without my pillow. It has worked miracles for my neck since I purchased it.

Ottawa, Ontario, September 2013

Sandee S.:

My son and I returned recently from our trip to Europe which was our first time traveling with our Pillowpacker pillows. We love them! Very comfortable and easy to adjust the inflation to suit the circumstances - less on plane, more at hotel. Very compact to carry when not in use. I loved them so much that I brought one into the office to show a colleague who is planning a long trip later this year - look out for an order from Dana P!

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, August 2013

Carol F.:

I originally read about your pillows in the Ottawa paper, then purchased one for myself. And liked it very much. Now I am outfitting my son and his wife who are taking off for several months of travel.

Ottawa, Ontario, August 2013

Kathy W.:

Thank you for getting my order ready so quickly. I read "Johnny Jet's" travel website and he highly recommended them for travel. I had neck spinal surgery this spring and have been carrying my regular size water pillow with me on travel and it is just too large. I have been looking for an alternative and your pillow seemed to fit my needs.

Potomac Falls, Virginia, August 2013

Yves and Monica:

For the last 12 years we have been camping in Georgian Bay and due to the lack of good options in the market, we have been using our life vests as pillows. This summer we brought your amazing pillows and our sleeping comfort improved dramatically! Your pillows are so comfortable, light and easy to pack that they are now in our list of "Top essentials for camping". Thanks so much and congratulations!

Val des Monts, Québec, July 2013

Myra B:

Well, today is Father's Day and my husband is quite pleased with his Pillowpacker gift, as am I. Now I can reclaim my original pillow and he can use his own. The stuff sack is a neat idea and it should come in handy when we next travel. Thanks for your prompt attention to my request. I wasn't sure it would arrive in time, but it did with a day so spare. Pleasure doing business with you folks again.

San Antonio, Texas, June 2013

Allen S.:

Just back from 3 weeks bicycling in Europe and I can truly say your pillow made a huge difference in my physical wellbeing. No more Excedrin strength headaches and neck aches in the morning. The pillow does all you said it would do and more. I will never leave home again without my Pillowpacker! Thanks again. I will recommend this to my traveling friends and anyone else who will listen.

Madison, Wisconsin, March 2013

Dale L.:

Hello from Down Under! My Pillowpacker Pillow was just great travelling to and around Australia. Here are pics with my second favourite travel companion:

    • Arriving in Victoria
    • At the historic Flinders Street train station which is a marvelous architectural structure built over 100 years ago.
    • Central Deborah Gold Mine in the heart of what is now the city of Bendigo, about 150 km north of Melbourne.
Arriving in Victoria Historic Flinders St. Station Central Deborah Gold Mine
Ottawa, Ontario, April 2013

Bob L.:

Garry and Beth, I have one of your pillows on my bed and am regularly reminded of your stay... the pillow is perfect to fit between my knees when sleeping on my side…great for back problems and keeping the spine aligned…added sales dimension!

Nicaragua, February 2013

Sam W.:

Well here we are Mardi Gras in New Orleans, braving the excesses of the carnival and Cajun spices. Love the voodoo priestesses and haunted graveyard walks. Despite all, have had good sleeps thanks to my Pillowpacker pillow! Thanks Mom and Garf.

Ottawa, Ontario, February 2013

Louise D.:

Bonjour Garry, I went on a trip camping in Africa in October and a colleague at work had lent me her pillow. So I had 3 weeks to try it out. No more pain in my neck and shoulders! So, I had to get one.

Montréal, Québec, December 2012

Liz T.:

Wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember our telephone conversations, but I ordered a travel pillow in July for a trip to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Loved it and, as I believe you told me is the case with your wife, it is now my everyday pillow as well. Wouldn't be without it. Have also recommended it to several others. Hopefully my recommendation will result in additional sales. Also, have you thought of pitching to Lee Valley Tools? Best wishes for the holiday season.

Ottawa, Ontario, December 2012

Mary A.:

I wanted to let you know that I have slept on the pillow for two nights already and I absolutely love it. It is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. Thanks so much for a great product.

Apple Valley, California, July 2012

Pat D.:

Thanks, the pillow is already well traveled having gone several places in the US and also Europe! Upcoming trips include NY City, California, Holland/Belgium and Barcelona-Copenhagen to name the ones I know of so far this year! The pillow will be going on all of them, for sure!

Hamden, Connecticut, June 2012

Tudor J.:

The pillow is still working well. Six hours a day before the computer. I was complaining to Margaret just the other day that the seat on our old couch was very hard. "Move your pillow from the computer to the couch!" she said, making good sense. So that is what I will do later this morning. It will mean carrying it up and down the stairs a few times, but it will be worth it. The pillow will be going on another return trip to Tampa, Florida, next month, and I have every expectation of comfortable rides both ways all thanks to you and your staff.

Ottawa, Ontario, March 2012

Linda S.:

I took your Pillowpacker pillow with me for 3 weeks in Italy last fall and it was fabulous! I'd spent a couple weeks at home getting used to it before heading out then used it for lumbar support on flights & train travel and as my sleep pillow in our accommodations. Can't say enough good things about it! It goes with me everywhere now -- in the car, at family get-togethers, it's coming with me to Alberta this spring and to Newfoundland next year. No more rough nights and stiff necks. Thank you!

Ottawa, Ontario, February 2012

Diane W., MD:

Dear Mr. Logue, I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the Pillowpacker [Pillow]. Shortly after the expedited delivery, I took off for an economical 11 day trip to Italy. Despite the uncomfortable chairs in O’Hare International Airport, the cramped seats on American Airlines, and the spartan accommodations in minuscule Italian hotel rooms, I always experienced a good rest or sleep because of your pillow. It’s flexibility, and clever deflation device allowed for easy positioning and maximum comfort. As advertised, it was more than a travel pillow, and found that it was superior to any hotel pillows I encountered. Now back at home, I have continued to use it, and it has become an inadvertent memorable souvenir of my journey! Congratulations on an excellent product.

Chicago, Illinois, January 2012

Linda, E.:

I am enjoying my Pillowpacker pillow. I have no improvements to suggest at this point. I used my pillow as a lumbar support (deflated) in my car for small trips e.g., Perth & Tremblant, by air to Florida and during our stay there. It's heading to Mexico in two weeks where I look forward to sleeping on a familiar pillow. I would recommend it & have to friends.

Ottawa, Ontario, October 2011

Marion S.:

Right now your pillow is in New Zealand! I love the pillow. It was great on the very long flight and I have been using it every night here too. I have the down one and it tucks into my neck just right. I didn't need to blow it up, for me it is okay the way it is. It has made my travels much more comfortable. I think a few people have purchased it on my recommendation, good old word of mouth!

Bloomington, Minnesota, October 2011

Marilyn S.:

I just want to thank you so much! The pillows arrived two days ago [in time for our trip]. Thank you! We've tried them out at night. They are just lovely! Arrivederci!

Glencoe, Illinois, October 2011


My husband bought me your pillow as a birthday gift (mid September). Garry, you were not sure it would work for me because I'm a stomach sleeper. Well, I tried it out at home for quite a few days and I'm just delighted! I experimented with different air volumes until I found my fit. From now on, my Pillowpacker pillow will be a "must pack" on my packing list. No more rolled up towels for me. Thanks.

Ottawa, Ontario, October 2011

Lois M.:

My pillow finally arrived and I love it. It really does feel like a "normal" sized pillow. I took a nap on the couch straight away. I read about it in the Denver Post travel section and I am so glad I ordered it. I love to travel and am very picky about my I can take it with me. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Golden, Colorado, May 2011

Joanne H.:

I’ve been using my pillow at home almost every night, and I’m happy to say I really like it. I have a lot of neck problems, and therefore, have 3 different pillows that get me through the night. And finally, I have a comfortable one that will fit in a suitcase! I also wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the pillowcases. Thanks and best regards.

Chicago, Illinois, May 2011

Leslie O.:

I read about your pillows in the Chicago Tribune and needed to see if they were as nice as the reporter claimed [Ross Werland's review]. I am very pleased with your product and need one for my husband too.

Hoffman East, Illinois, May 2011

Dona B.:

I purchased a pillow at the Ottawa Travel show earlier this year and love it. Used it during 2 brief trips, and it lived up to all the testimonials.

Ottawa, Ontario, April 2011

Pat H.:

After emailing with Gary Logue I promised him I would let him know how I got on with the pillow for my back on my recent plane trip to Ireland. Having suffered with 4 compression fractures that are healing I was interested in using the pillow for support on my back during the long plane flight. It was really the answer to my problems and made two long flights quite comfortable. I have also been taking the pillow with me when we go out to eat and again use the pillow as support in the booths or chairs. I am very pleased with the pillow.

Chicago, Illinois, April 2011

Betty M.:

Dear Garry: I read about your pillow in The Calgary Herald and, after checking your website, I decided to give it a try. As a sleep apnoea sufferer, I use a pillow at home that conforms quite well to the full mask I have to wear. When my husband and I travel by car in North America, I lug my pillow along; however, when we travel for several months to different countries there’s only so much stuff I can cram into my suitcase, and my large home pillow isn’t one of them. I’ve thought about building myself a mini pillow, but never got around it so, you see, I’m hoping that your pillow fits the bill. What attracted me is the fact that the pillow seems super easy to pack and it can be inflated to a level comfortable to the user…I’ve now used my [Pillowpacker] pillow for a week and LOVE it. It works extremely well with my CPAP mask, and I’m now looking forward to peaceful nights of sleep during my upcoming European trip.

Calgary, Alberta, April 2011

Patti M.:

Hi Garry! Just to let you know, we 4 (Alex, Clare and Steve), all took our pillows up Mt. Kilimanjaro. They were a fabulous success! Sleeping at altitude is a challenge, but I was soooo comfortable. Didn't have any of the neck issues that I always get when I'm camping. You may hear from our fellow-campers John from California and Jeff from Delaware who were jealous. The picture is of us with our pillows on the morning of day 9, just as camp was breaking up for the last time and we were just about to start out on our hike down the last part of the mountain.

Ottawa, Ontario, March 2011

Jane B.:

We just returned from a trip to Portugal. I do not have any photos of me using the pillow, but I should tell you that I had my first proper sleep on a plane, EVER, and the pillow was so good. It moulded to my head and neck contours and the plane walls / seat contours, while still having enough air in it so I was very comfortably cushioned! I also found it was very effective at blocking sound on the side I was lying on. I loved the way it was easily adjustable, and that the air leaves the pillow very quickly and rolls up so well. I have washed and dried the pillowcase and there was not any shrinkage. Recommended!!

San Antonio, Texas, 2010

Jan C.:

Hi Beth, Amazing to get your e-mail! I was browsing through my follow up e-mails and realised I was remiss in getting back to Garry since my last e-mail to him.. At the time I was on my way to Bujumbura after a few weeks on holidays in France where Pillowpacker (that's the name I gave it, never was much of a creative type J ), yes where Pillowpacker continued it’s dreamy mission superbly. Well since then, it’s been to Bujumbura where it was extremely valuable given local accommodation standards…Then onwards for two 2-week stays in Johannesburg and surroundings. I put it to rest for the Holiday Season, not that it really needed/wanted it! Getting ready for a week in Miami (work!) at the end of the month and a week in Kampala, end of March: looking at Pillowpacker again this morning, I could tell it was drowsy, impatient to hit the road for another assignment! As for feedback, after an initial period of getting used to, I only have good things to say about it: it’s easy to pack, adjusts to any comfortable position, the cloth has a very nice feel and always looks neat; so far, I wouldn’t change a thing! That’s it for now! Thanks for pinging me, I’ll be in touch on the future adventures of Pillowpacker.

Montréal, Québec, 2010

Elinor L.:

To the Chief Pillow Officer: Just to inform you that my Pillow Packer arrived safely and in plenty of time. Thanks so much - it looks like it is exactly what we wanted to send to Sierra Leone, West Africa!!

Innisfil, Ontario, 2010

Sheila S. (our first customer!):

Hi Chief Pillow Packer! This is just to say that your pillow was a great success on our recent trip to Ireland. Easy to pack and once I got the amount of air correct for my preference, I was a very contented sleeper. A big plus also, for me, I was not so full of allergies the next morning having had my nose stuck in a dusty pillow overnight! So, many congratulations to you both on such a brilliant idea and carrying it out!

Surrey, England, 2010