About Pillowpacker® Pillows

Beth and Garry PictureOur Mission

To make the best travel pillow possible. To make the most comfortable travel pillow possible. To make the most packable, foldable, portable travel pillow possible. To keep that quality top-notch with domestically sourced material and local sales and shipping. We believe we’ve succeeded, and our reviewers in the news and our satisfied customers seem to agree.

Who We Are

We’re Beth Shepherd and Garry Logue, and we invented the Pillowpacker® pillow.

We called it the Pillowpacker® because we did just that—packed our own pillows from home wherever we went. Baggage charges and security charges started to wear us down. It’s a lot of extra room to pack your own pillows.

In 2008, we went on an expedition to the Canadian Arctic. To bring fresh food on the ship, the organizers limited luggage and we had to leave our pillows behind. It was a rugged expedition, and sleeping on a small, flat, hard pillow—just one per bunk!—made it harder.

We needed a solution. We needed a packable travel pillow. We needed a portable travel pillow. We needed a comfortable inflatable travel pillow. We wanted a down travel pillow, just like sleeping at home. And if we could have that all in one pillow, we’d have the best travel pillow in the world.

If You Want Something Done Right

When we got back to Ottawa, we searched for that pillow in stores. We searched for that pillow online. We couldn’t find it. So, we searched our imagination for how we could design it.

We sourced Hutterite goose down and Brome duck down for our down travel pillows. We sourced German-designed hypoallergenic down-alternative microfibre for our microfibre travel pillows. We figured out how to squeeze an at-home sleeping experience into less than a pound that could be tucked away into bag and kept in your luggage.

After a year of design, refinement, and testing, we launched the Pillowpacker® travel pillow in 2010.

Our Ethics

People are rightly concerned the treatment of animals. Our down travel pillows are made from Canadian goose and duck down.

We couldn’t say we’re dedicated to comfort if we didn’t keep our real suppliers—the ducks and geese that provide us with that down—comfortable too.

Our goose down comes from Hutterite communities in Alberta, and both our pure duck down and white down goose and duck blend comes from Brome Lake in Quebec, courtesy of Feather Industries. No goose or duck is ever raised solely for harvesting down, is ever live-plucked, or is ever force-fed.

Giving Back

We’re fortunate that we can choose the most luxurious materials for our down travel pillows. We’re fortunate that we can bring that home experience with us wherever we go. And we’re fortunate that we can share that with discerning, comfort-driven travellers.

We want to share that good fortune and we do so through Plan Canada. They help women, children, and families in developing countries improve their quality of living, because we know the value of having a place to call home, wherever you are.

You Matter to Us

You’re all about comfort when you travel, and so are we. We want to keep in contact with you. We want to hear about your travel adventures and challenges. We want to know you’re happy, satisfied customers.

Made in Canada

Our travel pillows are our flagship products. We manufacture them right here in Ottawa and we source right here in Canada. Our goose down for our goose down travel pillows comes from Hutterite communities in Alberta. Brome Lake in Quebec provides us with our pure duck down for our duck down pillows, as well as our white goose/duck down blend for our white down blend pillows.

When you buy a travel pillow from us, we take your order, pack it, and ship it straight from our office in Ottawa.

Our Customers are the Bottom Line

We keep our business under our control. We handle every design, refinement, and sale. We own it, we operate it, and we’re accountable for it. That makes us accountable to you, and it means we only answer to you. Our customers aren’t just part of our bottom line—you are the bottom line.