How important is comfort when you travel? A few things to consider!

3月 20, 2022

tired traveller at airport needs sleep

From pillows to beds to air quality and more, "comfort" means different things to different travellers.

Some love their inflatable travel pillow.

Others swear by eye shades or noise-cancelling headphones.

In this edition of the

Pillowpacker® blog we'll take a look at travel comfort.

Defining Travel Comfort

traveller wakes up well rested in hotel

Let’s start with some idea of what constitutes comfort.

At home, it can as simple be a pair of cozy well-worn slippers or a favourite sweater on chilly days. But when you are travelling you may be well outside your “comfort zone” in more ways than one.

Travellers may find comfort in indirect and direct things.

Indirect things may include peace of mind through confidence that your trip and plans are all nicely looked after whether made by yourself or a trusted travel consultant.

Loose ends or uncertainty at this stage of your travel experience can be very disquieting and “uncomfortable” So, get this aspect looked after with confidence and add to your comfort. See our blog post “Book it yourself or use a Travel Expert? - Ten things to consider!” for more details.

Another indirect aspect of comfort may be related to hygiene. Hygiene is increasingly on travellers’ list of concerns, especially to “exotic” places but even to non-exotic locations like some major North American cities. What could be a concern going to North American hotels with brand name recognition?

The Importance of Pillows in Travel

A pillow tailored to your sleep preferences

When it comes to sleeping in hotels, many travellers have told me that pillows are very much a new issue.

Some hotels now provide many of them, but they are exaggerated in size or firmness.

So bringing your own “personal” travel pillow can deal effectively with this concern.


Other Hotel Issues

A Silk Sleeper protects the skin and helps regulate temperature

A further issue with hotel accommodations is the increased use of strong detergents or other additives to the washing of bedding that can irritate skin and cause discomfort.

Naturally, travelling to more exotic places compounds the likelihood that hygiene is a major concern. In addition to the importance of bodily hygiene there may be factors such as protection from insects of various “hazard” ratings.

Silk sleeper liners are designed to add a significant degree of protection from either of these latter two factors. Lightweight and packable, these liners fit inside beds or sleeping bags to add a layer of separation of skin from hotel bedding.


Getting a Good Night's Sleep

commercial aircraft economy class

What about the importance of good sleep or quality rest while en route and at your destination?

Flights of short duration are not much of a comfort concern but what about long haul non-stop legs of 15-20 or more hours? Now we’re talking about real comfort and discomfort concerns.

Here is what Carole Gobeil, travel specialist has to say about comfort related issues:

“What I am finding more and more in my years as a travel consultant, is that the biggest challenge for my trip and for my clients is the flights.

flying in business class

"The delays, the tight squeeze on the plane, the terrible food, enduring some strong perfume scents, listening to the constant noisy humming sound for many hours, the bad air that we breathe and the germs that we share are all part of the picture.  

"We sit next to someone who has a cold, and next thing we know we have a cold 3 days later. Not getting any sleep on a long flight definitely affects how we feel when we arrive at our destination; tired, dehydrated, and adapting to a different time zone are all part of the challenges traveling by air today. So how do I make it easier?"

The Trusty Pillowpacker® Inflatable Travel Pillow

Gobeil loves her Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow.

"I would say using my amazing Pillowpacker travel pillow is an added touch for some comfort while traveling by plane today, not only as a head pillow, but sometimes for seat or back support. It is versatile, and an easy to pack carry-on travel item.

"I don’t travel without my Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow nowadays. I even use this wonderful travel pillow in my car travels, train, jeep safaris and even camping. My Pillowpacker® inflatable pillow, combined with a full bottle of water on hand, sleeping mask, ear plugs (or those fancy ear phones), my sandals or slippers (I take off my boots), comfortable loose clothes, extra layers to use for extra warmth (as it gets pretty cold on some of those planes), extra vitamin C and some eucalyptus, I am ready to get on board my flights."

Gobeil also sees that more and more of her clients are opting to travel in business or at least in some premium class.  It just makes their whole travel experience more enjoyable overall.

Bottom line, it’s a combination of small things that add up to make one’s travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable.”

Travel in Maximum Comfort

So, in summary, your travel comfort can be enhanced by indirect and direct action.

Indirect factors include taking steps to relieve stressful aspects like uncertainty by having confidence your travel plans will bring no unpleasant surprises, often assisted with a travel expert.

Direct action includes adding your personal hygiene items and sleep / comfort-enhancing products that easily store in your carry on luggage.

And of course, be sure to carry along your Pillowpacker inflatable travel pillow for quality rest and comfort en route and a good night's sleep at the hotel.

Don't have a Pillowpacker® yet?

You're missing out on an incredible travel pillow.

Happy and safe travels from the Pillowpacker® Travel PIllow team!

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