Garry Goes the Extra Mile

10月 23, 2016 1 Comment

Tanzanian Lions

At Pillowpackers we pride ourselves on our personalized custom service, which we believe is pretty rare today, especially in online businesses. Garry, our Chief Pillow Officer, has often gone an extra mile to make sure customers have their pillows.

Last Friday I listened to a voicemail in between my appointments. “I want to buy one of your pillows...we are leaving tomorrow for an overseas trip... we live in Brockville!” Hmmm. I called Garry on his cell. No answer. I sent a text: “Urgent pillow order-check voicemail.” I left for my afternoon appointments.

By the time I returned, Garry had already packed the order -- one of our luxurious and highly packable Canadian-made microfiber inflatable travel pillows, arranged a meeting with the buyer’s friend who lived in delivered Ottawa and was on his way home in Friday afternoon traffic. The friend would deliver the product to the buyer at the airport before their flight the next day.

Garry told me that the couple was heading off on Saturday morning for a trip to Africa. The husband had chronic neck pain and he was concerned that lack of a good pillow would lessen his enjoyment of their trip. Their travel advisor, Carole Cobeil of Far Horizons, had suggested he buy a Pillowpacker Pillow but with all the details of preparation, he had forgotten to order one. Then it was the day before the trip. Hence the urgent phone call.

We do hope to hear from our newest pillowpacker on return from their trip. And thanks, Carole, for recommending Pillowpacker® Pillows!


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John Eastwood
John Eastwood

1月 01, 2017

I can certainly understand why having this pillow to take with him to Africa was so important. The pillow is so portable and provides such great support as I have found out from personal experience. I love mine!

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