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12月 01, 2014

Pillowpackers featured in the Ottawa citizen

Resting your noggin on a balled-up jacket just doesn't cut it for so many reasons. Still, many a grump traveller has emerged from a makeshift sleeping area with an unsightly zipper impression in the middle of his cheek. 

Comfortable, Convenient and Easy - Pillowpacker Pillows

Ottawans Garry Logue and Beth Shepherd had no intention of compromising their cranium's comfort, so they invented the Pillowpacker Pillow, a travel accessory that's as close to the real thing as they could manage without the bulk. Measuring 48 by 36 centimeters, the pillows come in either duck down or microfibre. The crux of both models is an inflatable insert, which can be blown up to the desired firmness for sleeping then deflated for maximum portability. Suddenly, a night in the tent, on the train or in a mangy hostel is much more palatable– at least from the neck up.

$124.95 Duck Down and $99.95 Microfibre at 

Both include a 100-per-cent percale cotton pillowcase.

–Rob Stevenson for the Ottawa Citizen

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