Pillowpackers Pillows Featured in the Denver Post Travel Section!

3月 25, 2021

Pillowpackers Pillows Featured in the Denver Post Travel Section!

A Denver Post travel writer found our travel pillows and wrote about it!

We couldn’t be happier - or agree more! These pillows truly are essential for travelling, be it by air, train, bus, car or ship.

During our travels in 2008, we realized that an inflatable travelling pillow would be most ideal for frequent travellers like us. 

The Denver Post writer wrote in his article “This pillow is more than a lot of hot (or cold) air.” and this is ideally one of the goals of our inflatable travelling pillow.

airplane flying above clouds

Over the years, our travel pillow is getting more and more recognition, and we're happy to see it! With many reviews, our goal is to keep the comfort, portability and satisfaction of travellers all across Canada, the US and the world. 

“Puff the Magic Pillow”

The Denver Post writer summed it up perfectly! 

If you're travelling by car, train, plane or even boat, you need our travel pillow. 

We manufactured it so an inflatable inner pillow is placed inside of an outer pillow. It’s filled with down feathers or microfiber to create the luxury needed during your trips. 

woman taking photo from train

The three fillings are covered in a shell made of 100-percent cotton with the zipper on the side for accessibility of the valve. This makes for a superior ease of use, not to mention durability.

With the inflatable travel pillow being smaller than most of your average sleeping pillows, it gets larger when inflated. That means it’s plenty comfy while you’re using it.

Having a travelling pillow small enough for packing but large enough to sleep on, is ideal. Optimize for space consumption by deflating it and laying it flat out.

How Our Travel Pillows Benefit Travellers & the World

The travel pillows we provide are made in Ottawa of materials sourced in Canada, reflecting our commitment to the community and keeping local, Canadian jobs in place.

We get our resources from all over Canada. Our good down is provided by Hutterite communities in Alberta. The Brome Lake in Quebec is our source of pure duck down with the white goose or duck down.

woman looking out plane window

Pillowpackers has also joined forces with Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope. This worth organization helps children, women and families improve their state of living with gifts ranging from health care and hygiene products to sending a girl to school. 

As travellers, we are all blessed to be able to go many places on this great planet, and have a comfortable place to rest our heads. But many are not as fortunate and struggle even with the basic necessities and utilities to call a place home

The Travel Pillow was Made For You 

The Inflatable travel pillow was made for your comfort

Our first priority is to make your long (or short) travels as smooth and sleep-friendly experience with as much space as possible. Your comfort is our top priority. 

Stories of travel and reviews from our customers have provided confirmation that the Pillowpacker travel pillow is doing exactly what it was intended to do: "Bring comfort and space for you on your travels."

Got a Pillowpacker travel pillow story?

Let us know where our inflatable travel pillow has been! We would love to hear the travelling stories here.

Likewise, please free to reach out to us and tell us your ideas and suggestions.

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