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Taies d'oreiller Pillowpacker®

Chaque oreiller de voyage gonflable Pillowpacker ® ​​comprend une taie d'oreiller sur mesure. Nos taies d'oreiller comportent :

  • 100% coton percale
    • 200 fils au pouce carré
    • Sensation croustillante et douce
    • Couleurs unies (White, Ecru, Marine, Berry Red; Greywood, Sunshine, Lagoon Blue)
    • Rayures (Marine Rayé & Gris Rayé)
  • Également vendu séparément.

Nous vous recommandons de prendre une ou deux taies d'oreiller supplémentaires pour réduire l'usure et permettre le lavage pendant le voyage. Utilisez une taie d'oreiller blanche comme protège-oreiller pour garder votre oreiller propre plus longtemps.

(Tous les prix sont en dollars canadiens)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leslie Burtch

I have not used the new ones yet, but my initial observation is that I would prefer the turned edge of the pillowcase to be inside as it is on the older ones I have, and also that the quality of the material is not so smooth as older ones.

Andrea Young
Great pillow cases

The pillow cases that I purchased are excellent. Good quality fabric and well made

Samuel Hale
What can we say? They’re great

My wife and I both use Pillowpacker pillows not only for travel but at home so we need lots of pillowcases. Like the pillows themselves, these are exceptionally well made - great craftmanship - and also very comfortable.

Joanne Kidd
Replacement Liner back to new

I had too replace inner bladder as air retention valve had failed. Cost reasonable and shipping was fast now pillow is like new being able to control loft. Use on bed between legs for side sleeping spine alignment. Great product and service.