Remedy For The Vegan Traveller Blues

novembre 13, 2023

Remedy For The Vegan Traveller Blues

Does anyone recall a time when travelling was a fun escape from everyday routines whether those were in an office or in our home? How saying you were going out of town or going on a trip brought responses like “lucky you” or “wish it was me”. We seem to be getting back to some semblance of a return to normalcy when it comes to post-Covid traveller volumes. Yes, traveller volumes, not necessarily an equivalent return to normal for flights, aircraft, pilots, security agents and any aspect of normalcy in the travel industry as a whole.

And even when these bumps do get normalized there is a segment of the travelling community that will continue to face additional challenges and that is the vegan traveller. Vegans have chosen to avoid animal products, not simply in their diet but more broadly in their lifestyle. So they avoid products made from leather or from animal by-products such as down from ducks or geese and opting for synthetic or plan-based products.

So, these travellers have the added burden of continuously checking labels to see what they are sleeping on or in. We at Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillows developed a solution to offer our beleaguered vegan traveller friends; we created a product that is 100% vegan, ethical and sustainable. It is our luxurious vegan down-alternative inflatable travel pillow.

Crafted with precision, our microfiber inflatable travel pillow incorporates environmentally-conscious, vegan-friendly siliconized fibers. The specialized siliconizing process facilitates fibers sliding effortlessly over each other, emulating the springy, tender comfort of genuine down. This equates to unparalleled comfort, unique to our microfibre travel pillow range. Upholding vegan values, no animal products are utilized.

We firmly believe our vegan microfiber inflatable travel pillow will offer you the most serene sleep outside your home. With the ease of adjusting firmness with mere breaths, there's no need for pumps or other gimmicks. These aren't mere airplane U-shaped pillows – they're genuine pillows. Whether you're in hotels, airplanes, backpacking, camping, sailing, or motorcycling, our microfibre travel pillow adapts to your every journey.

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