Why Choose a Pillowpacker® Pillow? Make the Comparisons Yourself!

We at Pillowpackers are proud to offer you our versatile, comfortable and fully washable travel pillows that will serve you for years of travel, while on route and at your destination.  The following chart will let you determine whether Pillowpacker® Pillows are the right choice for your travel comfort needs.

We hope this thorough analysis will help you choose your next, and hopefully last, travel pillow. We use six broad areas of comparison. Since we all have different needs and expectations, you can decide which are important to you.

  1. Durability and Versatility – Is the product likely to stand up for years of travel use? Can the product be used in different travel situations—on route and destination?
  1. Hygiene and Hypo-Allergenic–Can the product be washed and/or can the surface be cleaned regularly? Is the product likely to cause allergies?
  1. Packability and Portability – Is the product compressible and light-weight enough to be carried in cabin hand baggage?
  1. Practical Size and Ease of Use – Is the product the right size to be effective for the application? Can it easily be set up and put away?
  1. Sleep-Aid Effectiveness – Does the product actually help you sleep or rest better by improving your comfort both in the sitting and lying position? Does it provide neck support? Does it support both side and back sleeping positions?
  1. Source and Quality Is the product domestically sourced? This may or may not matter to you but quality does. Are the product and its components of high quality and produced in adherence to environmental, labour and quality standards?

Because there are so many varieties of travel pillows the following categories of pillows are used for the purpose of this comparison:

  1. Airplane Inflatables - Inflatable U-shaped, balls, bolster and table-shaped pillows designed specifically for airplane use. Generally surface washable.
  1. Airplane Filled Pillows - Fibre, bead/bean or foam filled U-shaped, balls, bolster and table-shaped pillows designed specifically for airplane use. Generally not washable.
  1. Memory Foam Travel Pillows – Memory foam comes in a plethora of pillows from airplane U-shaped pillow, contoured neck support pillows, to collars that resemble neck braces. These are heavier than other products and generally not washable.
  1. Down/Fibre Travel Pillows - Small size (16” x 20" or less) regular style pillows filled with down or microfibre. Domestic or offshored. Although the fibres are likely to be soft and moisture wicking, they often lack neck head support. These are generally washable and may come with washable covers.
  1. Other Filled Travel Pillows - Small size (16” x 20" or less) regular style pillows filled with wool, husks, beans, chipped rubber or foam. Generally domestic. Functionality is highly variable in terms of comfort. These are generally NOT washable but may come with washable covers.
  1. Inflatable Plastic Travel Pillows - Inflatable rectangular pillows or square cushions made of plastic with or without flocking or polyester covering. These are surface washable but generally not comfortable because they are hot and can aggravate pressure points.
  1. Pillowpacker® Pillow Down or Down Alternative Inflatable Travel Pillow - Designed to be like your home pillow but smaller with the added benefit of being light and highly compressible. Pillowpacker® Pillows have an inflatable inner pillow nestled in a down or down alternative outer pillow which provides adjustable neck and head support. It is washable and comes with home-style 100% cotton percale pillowcase and stuff sack.