Top 10 ideas and suggestions for keeping travel sickness at bay on the road.

4月 05, 2023

Top 10 ideas and suggestions for keeping travel sickness at bay on the road.


Top 10 ideas and suggestions for keeping travel sickness at bay on the road.

Travelling may be a stressful experience for many, especially for those who are prone to motion sickness. Experiencing symptoms like nausea, vertigo, or headaches can easily turn a pleasant trip into a bad nightmare. Yet, there are a number of less well-known methods that might minimise these inconveniences and enhance the entire travel experience. We'll provide you with appropriate suggestions in this blog post so you can move past your motion sickness and rediscover your love of travel.

Staying Hydrated

It is crucial to drink plenty of water both before and throughout your journey in order to lessen any risks of dehydration. Increased salivation brought on by dehydration frequently results in nausea and confusion.

It’s advised to stay away from sugary or caffeinated drinks like soda or coffee because they make people feel more dehydrated. Use plain water instead, and you can think about adding a squeeze of lemon juice to help soothe an upset stomach brought on by the acidity. Carrying a travel water bottle can help you remember to stay hydrated and ensure that your water stays cool for a long time, which is helpful during long commutes.

Light snacking

It is highly advised to avoid consuming large meals before or during your trip, as this can exacerbate the onset of nausea. Consuming greasy or spicy foods can cause gastrointestinal distress, making the stomach more sensitive than usual. Instead, it is recommended to pack light snacks that can be consumed gradually throughout your journey.

Ginger is a natural remedy that has been proven effective in calming an uneasy stomach due to its anti-nausea properties. Ginger tea is a great option to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness. For those who do not prefer ginger, boiled sweets and gum are also helpful in soothing an upset stomach and distracting oneself from motion.


The sensation of smell plays a significant role in triggering motion sickness by sending conflicting signals to the brain. The inner ear sends signals to the brain indicating movement, while the eyes perceive a stationary environment, which can create confusion and trigger symptoms of motion sickness.

If you're prone to feeling overwhelmed while travelling, particularly on public transportation, using scents like peppermint or lavender can be a helpful strategy to relax and calm your mind and stomach. These scents have a soothing effect on the senses, and their calming properties have been known to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness. In addition, essential oils and aromatherapy can be used to create a calming atmosphere that can help prevent or mitigate travel sickness symptoms.

Fresh air

While fresh air may not always be available, ventilation is crucial for minimising motion sickness. However, there are many more reliable ways to stay cool and avoid discomfort. Carrying a small travel fan that can be charged while you're on the move gives you the option to swiftly and simply cool off if you start to feel unwell.

Another choice is to select a seat in a coach, bus, or train that is close to the air conditioning. It's crucial to be considerate of other passengers who are seated close by because the cold air can sometimes be rather intense. You may lessen your risk of motion sickness and have a more enjoyable trip by keeping cool and comfortable.

Seating choice

Securing a window seat when travelling is a useful way to reduce motion sickness symptoms. Even while this advice might seem simple, it can have a big impact on how you travel in general. By selecting a window seat, you can concentrate on the outside view and divert your attention from any discomfort brought on by the overcrowded transport environment.

It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that some people may discover that taking in the surroundings makes them feel more motion sick, especially if they're moving at a fast rate of speed. A window seat can still be helpful in these situations since it offers a cool surface for the head to rest on and can help with any symptoms that start to appear.

Travel anxiety

Motion sickness can also be triggered by travel anxiety, as many individuals may feel uneasy about the possibility of something going wrong during their trip. This may include concerns about missed connections, delays, or unfamiliar surroundings. Anxiety can exacerbate motion sickness symptoms, making it difficult to calm oneself. Therefore, it is essential to take steps to reassure yourself and feel more in control of your trip.

This could involve printing out your travel itinerary or using a notebook to jot down important details to help review your plan and ease any concerns. Guidebooks are also a beneficial essential to have with you if you have concerns about the specific locations you’re travelling to. By taking these simple actions, you can help manage your anxiety and minimise the risk of motion sickness.

Audio distractions

Motion sickness can be triggered by overstimulation of the senses, and reading or watching movies while travelling is one activity that can cause this. The eyes are constantly trying to adjust to the changing scenery, leading to sensory conflict, and ultimately causing motion sickness. To prevent this, it is recommended to take a break from these activities and allow the brain to synchronise and adapt to the motion by closing your eyes or looking out of the window. Alternatively, using headphones to listen to music or an audiobook can be a great distraction without overstimulating the brain with excessive eye movement and concentration.

Fidget distractions

A helpful tip to reduce motion sickness symptoms while travelling is to use fidget toys as a form of distraction. These hand-held toys have been proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, which are common causes of motion sickness.

By focusing your attention on the toy, you can reduce the amount of time spent dwelling on discomfort and other negative sensations. They are also portable and easy to keep in your carry-on bag. Popular options include stress balls, fidget spinners, and other similar toys. By having a fidget toy available during long trips, you may be able to reduce the severity of your symptoms and improve your overall travel experience.

Prioritise comfort

To prevent travel sickness symptoms and improve the overall journey experience, prioritising comfort is essential. Wearing loose-fitting clothing that promotes easy movement and airflow is recommended. Additionally, bringing your personal travel pillows, blankets, and eye masks can offer added comfort, especially during long trips. Arriving at your destination, especially after long flights, suffering from poor sleeps can seriously affect your vacation enjoyment.

Supporting the neck with pillows or other forms of support can relieve stiffness and tension that may arise due to prolonged periods of immobility or anxiety over the possibility of motion sickness.

Breathing exercises

An extremely efficient way to lessen the effects of motion sickness is to control your breathing. Deep breathing has been shown to relax the body and lessen uneasiness, both of which are typical causes of motion sickness. You can control your heart rate and blood pressure by concentrating on taking slow, deep breaths that completely fill and empty the lungs, which will ultimately lessen the feeling of nausea and discomfort.

It is advised to breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth to keep the body's carbon dioxide and oxygen levels balanced. Also, several applications and audio guides are available to help people with breathing exercises, providing step-by-step instructions to help relax the body and mind.







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