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Deluxe Down Alternative Microfiber Inflatable Travel Pillows

    Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillows offer our deluxe down-alternative microfiber travel pillows for anyone looking for the ultimate in non-down comfort. Spoil yourself with this soft and ultra comfortable inflatable travel pillow now! Pillowpacker® hypoallergenic Inflatable microfiber travel pillow features:
    • Easy to use, easy to inflate with a few puffs of breath, deflates in seconds
    • 19" X 14", a perfect balance between packability and practical size
    • 5 ounces of microfibre fill, washable (your pillow for life)
    • 100% cotton pillowcase, choose from several colours  
    • Our custom contoured inflatable travel pillow inner core lets you manage the firmness (recreate your bedroom pillow anywhere)
    • Soft and comfortable, designed to give ideal neck support so you can sleep in any position
    • The perfect alternative to down-filled pillows
    • Fast drying when wet, ideal for camping and backpacking
    • Made in Canada 
    • Vegan friendly
    • Priced in Canadian dollars meaning huge savings for US and European clients
    • Nylon stuff sack
    • Only available online

    About our microfiber down-alternative inflatable travel pillows:

    Our microfiber inflatable travel pillows are filled with revolutionary, environmentally safe siliconized fibers. The siliconizing process lets the fibers slide across each other easily, for that springy, lightly-yielding gentle feeling of real down. That means maximum comfort from a microfiber travel pillow. It is also Vegan friendly with no animal products. And that’s what Pillowpacker®  is all about.

    We’re convinced our microfiber inflatable travel pillows will help you get the best sleep outside of your home. That's because you can re-create your bedroom pillow firmness with just a few puffs of air from your mouth. No pumps, no auto-fill, no gimmicks. And, because they are not U-shaped (airplane use only), but are a real pillow, you'll use your microfiber inflatable travel pillow for hotels, backpacking, camping, sailing, motorcycling....basically anywhere and any way you travel.

    (All prices in Canadian dollars)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Mary Plant
    Love these pillows!

    I have loved this pillow so much that I’m now giving them as gifts to people that I want to splurge on and who travel a lot like me. So grateful to have it in my backpack to pull out when I need it as a pillow or lumbar support behind my back!

    Kit Flynn
    Terrific Pillow!

    I use this comfortable pillow both at home and for travel! I love the quality and the superb design!

    Andrew Price
    A pillow for all seasons.....and reasons.

    Great pillow that provides the convenience of custom travel needs with everyday practicality and use around the home. The addition of a first-class pillowcase makes it all the more friendly. You won’t regret this purchase!